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How do I sort checklists & shopping lists alphabetically?

Every previous "list" appliation I've used has given an option to sort list items alphabetically. I'm trying to find a similar way to do the same with Springpad, but I've run out of menus to dig into.

Ex: I want my shopping list items to be sorted by name - or even better, sorted by name and "checked" state so I can have unchecked items sorted alphabetically BEFORE items that are checked.

In my existing list app (OI Shopping List on Android), I have a "master grocery list" set up in this manner. When planning a trip to the store, I uncheck the items I need (Milk, cereal, etc). This moves the items I need to the top of my list, sorted by name. Then, as I pick up the item and put it in my cart at the store, I "check" the box and the item moves back into the "checked" section.
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