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Hey guys!

Today we launched a new version of Springpad, available on the web, iPhone, iPad & Android. More details:

Check it out at:

Unfortunately, there are a handful of issues that are impacting a number of you:

1. Notebook covers are showing 0 contents
This is a temporary issue with your accounts. Even though the cover shows zero, if you open the notebooks, you will see your data.

2. Attached notes & links are not showing up
Another temporary issues. All of your attached notes are safe & sound, don't worry! But, you should know that when they show up in the new Springpad, they will be comments.

Both of these issues are due to a huge job queue over on our servers. Once we get through the queue of upgrading everyone's accounts, these things will show up. I know it's frustrating, and I think you in advance for your patience. If you really can't wait to see your attached notes, send your username to & she'll help you out.


While I have your attention, I thought I'd also address a common question we are hearing: "Where's All My Stuff?"

Yes, the navigation has changed a bit. Here's how to get to all of your stuff in Springpad:

Web: Click on My Notebooks, then you'll see

Here, I'd click on '1531 springs' to see all my stuff & '850 unfiled' to see the stuff that's not in a notebook.

iOS and Android: Tap on the 3 little lines in the top left corner to reveal the menu of notebooks, then scroll to the bottom to choose All My Stuff.
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  • sad, but hopeful!

Posted 5 years ago

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I can't do it. I tried and tried, but I can't reasonably (and comfortably) use it as a task/GTD program as I did in its version 2.

I have moved all my material to Evernote and am done with Springpad. I'm simply not all for the social-based direction that it is headed in. If anyone is looking for a more intricate Pinterest clone, I'll definitely let them know that Springpad may be for them.

Thank you.
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It seems that is what they want anyway (sadly for us), as it IS actually better at organizing your pins (excuse me, springs) than Pinterest is.

I guess they expect more movies, recipes and more web stickiness out of the Pinterest people giving them more ad revenue opportunities than those of us that used this as a productivity tool.

Though I moved my critical work out... I haven't given up... just yet.
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If anyone knows css they can update the user stylesheet for their browser to tweak / hide things.

I don't care about social either so I hid the "Following" and "Explore" Buttons up top. I also hid "My Notebooks" up top too because it seems to link to the same place as the springpad logo.

I also don't need to see my own name / avatar on the home screen so I ditched those as well.

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Would love to see a tutorial on how to do this w/ CSS...which browser, where are the settings, etc? I would love to be able to customize!
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I'm using chrome and an extension called body class = domain to target Then I'm using the chrome dev tools to inspect the elements I want to manipulate. Do you have any css experience?
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LONG time ago when I used it within tags (I think) in the head section of an HTML doc. It's been years, but I know what it is.
I didn't know if there was a way to attach an external stylesheet to your chrome browser of if you have to use a development kit. Like I said, it's been a LONG TIME. LOL
I was just curious if there was an easy way to customize within chrome without being a developer.
I'll check out that extension. It might be over my head but might be fun to play around with.
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Sorry, it removed my mention of STYLE tags. ;-)
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If you guys want to see all of the replies, they are here:
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Link's not working for me, it's showing the exact same official responses, promoted responses, and 15 most recent.
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For those you trying to use Springpad as a GTD system/task tracker, you might want to take a look at Trello lets you collaborate, attach files and track projects as cards in lists/stacks (a la Personal Kanban). They also have a cool customer service tool where you can see Trello's own task tracker for status on customer requests and bug fixes.

I've never used Springpad for GTD. It has been more of a curating tool for me (a la Evernote/Pinterest) or more helpfully as a place where I put brainstorming ideas for a project (not necessarily something that needs tracking, but just something I don't want to forget). I see great potential in where SP is headed for this kind of functionality.
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Thanks for the link.

Like that the company is also using their own software.
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Official Response
Ok guys, I have reviewed the 887 comments on this thread & have made a list of all reported issues & their current status.

Fixed since 4/11:
- Issues with login using 3rd party apps
- 0 counts on notebook covers
- Photos on notebook covers not showing up
- Smaller notebook icons on all apps (option on web)
- Create a new item & it shows up twice in a new notebook
- Quicklinks & attached files/media not showing up
- Attached notes (now comments) not showing up
- Urls in comments not clickable
- HTML in comments (Android)
- International characters (Android)
- Performance of web clipper & iOS clipper
- Android & iOS app crashing
- Create any data type by typing it in, edit recipes
- Simplified creating a note (web only so far)
- Checklist issues on web
- Backup issues
- All attached links are now quicklinks
- "Drawer" of attached media is always open
- Edit/Delete checklist items (Android)
- Hide completed on web app
- Blank screen when login
- Filter activity to only show comments (web)
- Links to null attachments
- Thumbnails not showing up
- Browser latency when adding new items
- Back button on Android app should be bigger
- Bookmark descriptions are back (Android)
- View attached files in a new tab (web)
- Fixed missing audio files
- Line breaks in recipes & task descriptions
- Read more of notebook titles on Android (in v3.0.6)
- Sync issues on Android (in v3.0.6)

Fix in progress or planned (no specific order):
- Board issues
- Editable comments on mobile apps (done on web)
- Edit contact, place fields (all apps)
- Hide/show completed tasks & checklist items (iOS)
- Search while offline (iOS)
- Text running out of boxes (web)
- Quality of attached images while clipping
- Notebooks missing from iPad app (workaround is to logout, force-close & log back in)
- Adding back links to lots of useful movie sites (old movies only)
- Can't add tags via drag/drop (some browsers)
- Search comment contents
- Search contents of long notes (all apps)
- Update extensions

No fix planned, but we are open to hearing your thoughts:
- New notebooks don't have the board by default
- File to multiple notebooks when clip/spring
- File an existing note without opening it
- Attach images in comments
- Need to put http:// before a link to save a bookmark
- Chrome app no longer available offline

Phew, that's a lot! So, with this list published, I am closing this topic, which will prevent future comments or replies. All of the issues that are in progress, planned or not planned will be added to the forum in the coming days so that you can all follow along. They'll all be added to this tag:

And as always, you can contact me directly at

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