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backup failed

IPAQ HX4700 backup used to work but now fails.
Error reads:
Error : TopLevelDir.Backup() failed
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  • If you have a lot of SMS messages, some of sentimental value,you need to backup your SMS from your Android phone to computer. I found third party software for Android Phone(Android SMS backup software) to transfer SMS to your desktop computer. Here is the user’s guide (3 main Steps)

    Another android sms backup software:

    GodswMobile SMS Transfer--it support almost all kinds of Android mobile phone,such as HTC/blackberry/Motorola mobile phone/Windows mobile/Sunsang and so on.

    GodswMobile SMS Transfer can help you transfer SMS from Mobile Phone to computer;Backup SMS into Text file (.txt) or Data file (.stf);Restore SMS to your mobile phone;Edit/delete/print your mobile sms on pc.In a word, you can backup and resotre your SMS between Windows Mobile Phone with your PC and manage the sms on your pc easily.

    Free download GodswMobile SMS Transfer


    GodswMobile SMS Transfer

    GodswMobile SMS Transfer
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