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How do you restore the contacts database from a Sprite backup set?

I backed up my WM6 device with Sprite Backup before upgrading to WM6.1. When I restored everything, the contacts were gone. How do I restore them from the Sprite Backup set.
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    Thank you for your query. We will need to see a detailed log report in order to investigate your issue further. You will need to private message us with this file.

    Please follow these steps to produce a detailed Log report;

    a) Hard reset your device

    b) Connect the device to the PC via a GUEST ActiveSync partnership - click Cancel when requested to create a partnership

    c) Click Tools> Add/Remove Programs on the Activesync window, select Sprite Backup and click OK to install

    d) Open Sprite Backup on the device and tap Options> Help> Logs

    e) Change the Log Level to Debug and close the Log page

    f) Return to main page

    g) Tap Restore and follow the steps to select your backup file.

    h) Continue with the Restore

    Kind regards
    Sprite Helpdesk
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