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I’m disappointed and angry

Sprite Backup does not work on HTC Ty Tn II, WinMobile 6.1 Prof, WinXP SP3

Some months ago (Nov 2009) I had lots of trouble with Sprite Backup You could not solve it. You did not even try.

Now I tried the newest version and found out that:

The program is still totally unusable. It crashed or stands still respectively. It does not produce any backup file.
Even worse, it destroys part of the existing configuration on PC and on the mobile device.

I will explain those two point further down.

I opened an issue on Unfortunately there is not enough space for my point.

I suppose most of these problems come from:
Incorrect interaction with ActiveSync (I have the newest version 4.5.0)
Your design decision to reboot the mobile device before and during backup. I understand that but I think it is not really necessary. You could ask the user to start Sprite Backup from a freshly booted device and check for that fact. Or you could just ignore files in use and notify the user about that fact. This is what normal PC-backup programs do.
Your inability to restore the PC and the mobile device to its former state after an unsuccessful or interrupted backup. You should have a cleanup utility for that. To be started manually of course.

Notes on my HTC configuration: I use device lock and SIM lock. I use Spb Mobile Shell 3.5.2 . I have no reason to believe that the Spb software causes the problems. Uninstalling it does not help.

Topic 1:
I tried both: Starting the backup from the PC and starting it from the mobile device. Both do not work and behave similar.

The program starts correctly (minor bug in the backup filename dialog it shows *.pbf" instead of *.exe" even when "produce exe" is configured.

Backup preparation sometimes workes until the first boot and sometimes ends with an error message and sometimes just freezes.

If the program comes to the point after first reboot the screen freezes with a partly painted today screen. Nothing else happens. The mobile has to be warm started to recover.

Topic 2:
On the PC synchroization settings for contacts, calender, Email, Tasks disapear.
I suppose this follows from the fact that in Sprite Backup I had chosen to enclose this into the backup. In spite of that, this is not acceptable.

On the handy:
- device lock stays disabled. I cannot reconfigure that. If I try WinMobile tells "error during store of password"
- the today-screen is spoiled. Most of the entries disappear
- power save parameters are changed, for example. screen switch off time.
- WI-FI WPA-key is deleted (very strange!).
- ... Probably much more, which I have not yet discovered.

All of these must be reconfigured manually.

Is there a utility or at least a documentation for recovering my mobile device to its former state?