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Status:Updating screen

Would be great to see some progress screens when updating.
i.e. syncing messages 45/340
syncing pictures 2/54 etc...
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    Hi Don,

    Excellent idea. We actually had this in an earlier version of the agent, but couldn't nail the functionality and it seemed to only add confusion (the agent runs several processes at one time, there is no linear I'm doing photos, next I'll do SMS so we have to fake that a little bit) also as there is up and download you can be at 25/25 then it will notice that there are new updates on the server to push back down and we ended up with some confusing results syncing photo 120/0. So it might come back in, if we can get it right, but more likely we'll try one overall progress bar and canvas for feedback from users to see if that makes things clearer.

    Thanks for your suggestion! Keep them coming....
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