Nodes are going inactive all the time.

Hi I'm getting a constant stream of emails about nodes that appear to be going offline. Is this something that is wrong with the system? What should I look for?

Subject: Hotel XXX went inactive at GMT 2011-05-01 12:23:04-00

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  • Paul,

    Looks like you have a SputnikNet account and a legacy Sputnik Control Center server. (We used to sell licensed software for hotspot management called Sputnik Control Center - now we just sell the hosted version, SputnikNet.)

    Your SputnikNet account as 1 access point attached to it, and it's up and steady with active sessions. (That access point is called Banyandah Towers.)

    Sputnik Control Center is managing the rest of your APs, and it is running on your own servers on the domain (which you can see from the alert message it sent you). So you should contact your system administrator if you are having problems with APs connected to it. We have no visibility into Sputnik Control Center servers not running in our data centers.

    That said, if you would like to migrate those access points to SputnikNet, we can help - best if you visit our support site and open a case:


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