Database not in default location (Application Support/Squirrel) completely lost in migration to 0.8.7

I just happily downloaded Squirrel 0.8.7, launched it, and it opened with an empty database. All blank, and a welcome screen.

Turns out my database is in my Dropbox fora dual-computer config. So I figured this was the problem. On my second computer, I moved the database to the default location (in Application Support) THEN upgraded, and it worked fine. I believe this should be clearly indicated in upgrade instructions...

The real problem is although I have a copy of the database from the previous version as well as backup, there is no way to import an old database back in. So on my main Mac I'm stuck with an empty database. Considering the app can translate the old database into the new (at first launch), I'm sure it's possible to add this functionality...
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