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Easy way to downgrade back to 3.1 (until 3.2 is fixed)

Alright, I was rather disappointed/annoyed about the 3.2 update breaking for all pre-iOS5 devices. And, I really didn't want to loose all my books/progress/etc with some of the downgrade methods I saw on here.

Luckily, I found that re-installing the 3.1 ipa via iFunBox worked great. I didn't need to uninstall 3.2 first, so I didn't loose any progress or settings. So, this worked great.

1) get access to a PC (iFunbox no worky for Mac)
2) Get iFunbox (free, and cool):
3) Get Stanza 3.1 ipa (I up'ed it here:
4) Run iFunBox
5) Click the "Install App [ AppFastIn ] button, and select the 3.1 ipa
6) $$$ profit !

I backed up the entire Stanza folder before the resinstall, but it didn't become necessary.

Hope this helps all the others on here.
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