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Live Update, 28.2. 2013 (SFD Version 0.6.1)

To all mercenaries of the G.O.R.E. forces!

Yesterday we released the first versions of our two big milestones: the PvP and the new WASD - steering system.
Next week we will release another patch including some awesome features and improvements!
Feel free to post any questions, feedback and improvement suggestions in the forum, we appreciate any feedback! :)

In another thread I will give you some detailed information on the PvP system, below you can see a list of all other things we implemented.

Features & Improvements

  • Engine exhaustion: to give players a good sense for movement.

  • Player ship inspection: the platform the ship is parked on now rotates with the ship.

  • Frigate Menu Button: Full 3D examination of your frigate.

WASD steering system

  • Introduction: fly around using WASD and aim with your mouse.

  • Tutorial: minor changes to fit new steering

  • Boost: activate by using the Shift key.

  • Ship Weapons: range of Autocannon slightly increased

  • Shar'dal ships:fire rockets with different speed / maneuverability.

Player versus Player

  • Two new Bridge Labels: Scanner Array & Defense Administration.

  • Capital Ship: Light Frigate:

  • Machine Gun Turret

  • Laser Turret:

  • Rocket Launcher Turret:

Coming with the update next week

  • Two new turrets: Small Defense Matrix, Repair Bot Control.

  • Frigate: more upgrade levels including the heavy frigate

Coming soon

  • Cross Hairs : different cross hairs for all weapons.

  • New Ingame GUI: featuring the GORE Pad!.

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