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How to Invite Friends?

How does one invite friends to join the site? I cannot find an invite page.
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  • Jason (Official Rep) August 11, 2009 04:19
    We do have plans to add this kind of feature to Steepster once we have the time. We would love to allow users to invite friends from their existing networks by importing their contacts. But in the mean time, I'm afraid you'll have to do it the old fashion way.
    • Thanks. However:
      1) Importing contacts is insufficient; I never use such a feature due to the intrusiveness of it. What is needed is a very simple invitation form in which I can enter email addresses to which invitations are sent, and when those invitations are accepted then those individuals are automatically followed by me and vice versa. If this does not already exist, then:
      2) This is an absolutely urgent need. Your site is a community driven site. The described feature is fundamental to a community. The "old-fashioned way" doesn't work in current web culture, and hasn't since 1997.

      Steepster has potential, and I hope that you guys get it working!
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