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Logging Teas

I've been on the site only two days now, but I'm starting to notice something. It seems you guys want people to log the teas they drink as they drink them, giving a comprehensive log of how much tea they've had and what. Great idea! Only one drawback. I've noticed people seem to be commenting on teas more in a Yelp style, rate it once, or only once in a while manner.

Looking at other users accounts, I've noticed most teas in peoples' cupboards, they've said they've only had once, when I'm sure they've had more.

I would love to log each time I drink tea, in fact, I think it's a genius idea! But I feel like if I do, it'll look like I've just spammed each tea I own out of existence! Is there a way that you can catalog teas so it doesn't show each interaction you've had on the tea's page? I love recording things, but I hate feeling like I'm obnoxious. Just thought it might be a good idea.
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