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Remove Tea Ratings

While getting to learn this site I rated teas only to find that i had picked the wrong tea. My rating persisted when I removed my tasting note, but I can't remove the rating number. It would be nice to remove ratings for teas I haven't tasted
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  • Interesting. There is a way to remove the rating, but it's a little complicated. Let's see if I can explain it...

    Since you've already deleted the tasting note for that tea, you'll have to go in and add another tasting note by clicking the "Add a tasting note" button for that tea. That will pop up the tasting note form. In there, click the little "x" next to "Your Rating" and that will clear your rating. Then save that tasting note and your rating will be cleared from the tea.

    Then if you want to delete that tasting note, just go to your tealog and click the "Edit" button next to that tasting note. That will pop up the tasting note form and click the "Delete this note" link in the bottom left corner. After all that, you rating for the tea will be cleared and you won't have any tasting notes for it either. Let me know if you have any other problems. Sorry for the complicated explanation, we'll look into an easier way to do this.
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