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The meaning of "like" ?

What are "likes" exactly? Does registering a like mean that one likes the tasting note, how well it is written, how well it describes? Or does it mean one likes the tea, how it sounds to them, and that if they haven't tried it, they'd like to? Or does it mean one likes something else?
I think it should mean one likes the tasting note and how well it communicates about the tea. But I don't see that stated anywhere. Where would you put it, anyway?
Just my two cents.
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  • A "like" can really be about anything you enjoy. We assume most likes will be about the tasting note, but that doesn't mean it can't be about other aspects of the tasting note or tea itself (however, there are other ways to show your preference for a tea, like a high rating, logging it frequently, etc). At its most basic level, when you "like" something, it simply helps to call attention to good content and tells other users they might enjoy it. So for whatever reason you like something, that seems like a good reason to click the "like" heart icon.
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