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♥ Pray request my mother family matter ♥

My mother's dream realize the artist's gift in France but chose love as I was born in Sweden but lives every horrible father death in his 36 years old. Live without him beside ... tough. End unfortunately did not get to take home the l youngest daughter despite the Judicial decisions, foster parent did changed her personal number pure Judicial despite / says racism! Fought broken up, received a letter the Queen of Sweden Silvia when she did opened the Maria Theresa fund ... but setbacks were bigger, likewise also took landlord away her collection of paintings fine review, also exhibited in the mall Gallery Astley / feels awful, she also lost a son, my brother, she got 5 pcs Brain cancer (But, Evangelist Ramiro S CC pray so it become harmless cancer kind of Jesus healing!) gone with bloody mouth several years. See the blood .... despite the suffocating death, live she ... also seen Jesus, she has also Miracle gifts also joined her reached inherited, Priest generations in 300 years' years / Predicate Word of God /... recently years became priests lazy in morden times as this ...Days ... so, and stopped baptizing in ice-hole, freezing water almost as man died in truth and really * :) Therefore, I understand the Scripture that one must die in such ice baptism is man enough fast blue complexion as a royal property or ... what?

But her heart is broken, my little sister will not see her ... she learned not love her mother because by envy foster mother and they knew me, once abused (he try to kill me, "strangle") me young worked 19 years old teenager on their ICA, Only God can do something about the situation, not we, when not even the Court of Sweden did got her home, did give our right. A revenge against my family, foster home court despite defied the court's decision made it through corruption contacts muzzled mother broke her. She is dying, the desire to see her youngest daughter and her Grandchild. God bless you