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a vision i had about Mr. Trump

A vision I had about Mr. Trump

Isaiah 1:18 says, “Come now and let us reason together, says the Lord.” Standing in this word I humbled myself in front of the Lord and poured out my heart to him. I was specifically praying about our leaders and the government. Amos 3:7 says, “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” In a vision that I had, I saw Mr. Trump wearing a sharp black suit in front of a multitude of people who were chanting and showing support for him. He was standing on a raised platform, with both his hands he held a gun pointing towards this enthusiastic crowd that was surrounding him. The crowd didn’t seem bothered or terrified by the gun that he was pointing to them, even when he opened fire, no one of them moved an inch from where they were standing, instead they kept on shouting in support. From this fire, I got a bullet scratch right across my ankle and I saw some people get wounded, hurt, and injured from these bullets. Nevertheless, people kept showing support. At this point, the looks on some faces started to change, I could see sadness, misery, agony, pain in these faces. But to my surprise out of this very crowd, one man courageously made he’s way to the pulpit where Mr. Trump was standing, he overpowered him, pulled the gun that he was using to fire at this crowd, pointed it to him and shot him. Mr. Trump bent to the floor in too much pain, he was hurt so bad that it would only take God to bring him restoration.
To be clear I have never seen or held a gun in real life. When I woke up I was terrified, scared, and every single emotion ran through me at the same time. Sitting beside my bed I asked the Holy Spirit what this would possibly mean because I didn’t know what to make of it. Two words came strongly in my spirit “He’s Words” the gun Mr. Trump held are his words!
This is what this vision means. Regardless of how Mr. Trump throws his words around, so many people are still going to support and be behind him (they kept chanting in support even when he opened fire). But his very words are going to be used against him and they will come back to destroy him (he got shot with the same gun that he used to shoot at these crowds). He will be hit in a very sensitive area of his life, and ONLY God can bring him restoration.
I have kept this to myself for a couple of months but it’s been weighing heavily on my spirit to put it out there. No matter how much we try to stay out of this as Christians, we are still involved and God is counting on us. We might not be involved actively or publicly, but spiritual involvement through prayer and intercession is better than slander or blaming. God is willing to unveil so much to those who are available.
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