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Ambassador Dr. Sharon Edmond Healing Miracle Ministry

There is a women that I have come into contact with. Her name is Ambassador Dr. Sharon Edmond. She is a phenomenal Real Apostle and Prophet of God with a powerful preaching and teaching ministry. She has a Healing and Miracle Ministry that I cannot describe. she travels everywhere and there are testimonies of people that are healed of all kinds of diseases and conditions. People getting out of wheel chairs, being raised from the dead. I have witness cancer and AIDS in her services being healed and seen the Dr.'s report after she has laid hands and prayed for people. Demons are actually crying out as she lays hands and command them to come out of people. Her ministry is far beyond anything that I have ever seen in my life, but I am surprised that she has not been exposed to the world. Her ministry is more powerful and more real than Pastor Benny Hinn or any that I have seen. She has an international prayerline wherein she teaches and prays live every morning (712-432-5249). If you call in and listen, you will be captivated by the God Given revelation that she has to open up and break down the Word of God. Someone needs to contact her office (919-404-2757), or at least look into her ministry. She is on Youtube. Her website address is Please consider this request. The world needs to see what they have been missing.
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