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Article Removal Request

Hello Charismag,
I am a big fan for your website and magazine and i really love your articles and the way you guys produce the content.Let me be straight and come to the point Just want to let you know what me and my 600 church members are having issues seeing our former Church Pastor Blaine Bartel news Article which was posted on your website on April 29 2010 .Its very negative article.We can undertstand thats your news article.But the pastor has left our church last year 2010 and he is trying to have a normal life with his family and specially his children.Please do not let him be a culprit for the mistake he did.Everytime we search his name or our church name we get your negative article listed on the top of the search engines.Please consider this plea from all our church members to remove this negative article so we can live freely.People do mistakes but the past cannot haunt them forever.
If you remove this Article me and my Church members can continue our Church activities better then people always pointing at our church.We all love your website and we hope you consider our plea.
here is the link url of the article-

Thank you
God Bless you all
Northstar Church Member
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  • Dear Sam,

    Thank you for using Get Satisfaction for your request to remove the Blaine Bartel article. We value feedback from passionate readers like you and appreciate your kind words about Charisma.

    We empathize with how Northstar has been affected by what happened last year and echo your desire to move forward in God's grace. However, our editorial team has reviewed the article and doesn't believe it should be removed from our archives. Charisma is chronicling a movement and this article merely reports the facts of the matter, including statements Bartel offered to a secular newspaper.

    With that said, we'd welcome the opportunity to tell Bartel's story of restoration. We see that he is involved in Idea Flurry and Bully Proof.

    Will you please reply or email me at with any information you have regarding a follow-up story?

    Thank you again for coming to us with your concern, and thanks in advance for your understanding.

    Gina Meeks and the Magazine Editorial Team
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