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Black sheep went out of the pen and saw Jesus

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was wise for a lot of years and combat. Eventually, she did not know quite what she fought for, someone had knocked on heart and say that the Lord loves me! Is that true? So, it started *

In his own silence so stood mighty men against her. Eye of God became great because she was completely innocent. But a gift to write what she saw is unfair, quickly, she came to the conclusion that no genuine Preacher if he is not himself, reaching Jews table!

"The Jews 'table' where God's people were slain, cut, whipped so badly that they were formed into a lily, a rose to another image, another for daisy ... all they smelled so good on, for God's Grace rich of Mercy even though she was a black sheep.

As Jesus put a fabric wrap for her, was one that dared to serve his Lord Jesus Christ Our. GOD BLESS SHALOM, Thanks for the Jews are, thanks to their love of the God of Israel was also bread crumbs for us living in Sweden, the Nordic countries where it snows in winter.

Author Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
I bless you with this blessing