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Can someone write another book?

Over the last several years, I have been praying for someone to come forward who had the ability to articulate the imminent peril we face as a nation. Then I read Jonathan Cahn's book, finding parallels before unnoticed.
My concerns were based entirely on history, not just ancient history, but our history as a nation. And history does repeat itself. Our foundation , as a nation, is the Declaration of Indipendence. Taken for what it is, it is a contract with God invoking His blessings, and pledging the nation founded by such contract, to adhere to three simple tennants: Right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.
When we ignored the right to liberty, we quite nearly destroyed our nation in civil war, which only came to a close with the possibility of a whole nation after ammending the Constitution.
One of the harbingers for the coming war was John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia. It was an attack on a government installation which became the rule rather than the exception only a few short months later.
Interesting to note is that Virginia was, by most accounts, probably the most powerful state, and known as the "Old Dominion" and enjoying a position of promence. Another interesting thing to note is that Virginia was the first colony where slavery was permitted. Even though it was in the colonial era, when the nation rejected Jefferson's bill in congress to abolish slavery, the other Virginia delagate not even supporting it, the national sin of slavery was therefore made retroactive to 1620 when slavery on American soil began.
So consider the raid on Harper's Ferry to have been a warning; a harbinger of what was to come. And come it did. -with the loss of 624,000 lives, as well as all of the western part of the state to Virginia itself. Not that the rest of the nation was guiltless for profaning our foundational Covenent with God. The whole country suffered, the scars are still visible today. Too bad Jefferson's bill was voted down by only one vote.
After about another hundred years of incremental movement toward actual liberty, the Devil came up with another plan: Abortion. Any why wouldn't he, since this nation's foundation is a covenent with the Almighty? Where did abortion begin? New York, in 1972. Washington approved it, like they did with the Dred Scott case.
God, in His patience, waiting for the nation founded by Divine covenant, had seen these cases go to the highest court in the land. He had also seen that congress was unwilling to address the issue. So He allowed the nation to be humbled by war after first having been warned by example, which is his practice (verified throughout history).
When the warning came on 9-11, where did it come? New york, where abortion started, and Washington, where it was approved. (1865 Washington felt the pain of war as well. Remember Ford's Theater?)
So where do we go from here? If Congress is not willing to address the issue by getting back to our original Covenent relationship with God, devastation will surely come, having among other things, a permanent change in the proment position New York has, as well as Washington, which is the seat of the government which has the responsibility of adhereing to our foundational document. And if God can count the cost in lives lost, and thus generations never to be born, which He can, might He not consider whether this nation has gotten to the place where it could honor Him more by being replaced?

There are many many examples in our short history of God's involvement. And He is God. He changes not. Can we? I would like to see anothe book coming from historical perspectives we have faced as a nation. And what the possibilities of the future hold.
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