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Some of the people your magazine have profiled have "failed" or missed the mark in some way, however I think that looking at those people and how God used them is important to us today. The book "God's Generals" gives much insight into past men and women of God, and we can learn from their mistakes as well as their accomplishments. We also can see how God can use a broken vessel and restore those who truly seek Him. It is the responsibility of the church to pray for those who have fallen. I recently went to Morningstar Church in NC and noticed a parking space for Todd Bentley. From my understanding, the leadership at Morningstar are working with Todd to restore him, and this is what we need to do rather than condemn, judge, and give up on these people. Our God is a loving, forgiving God, a God of restoration and reconciliation. We must live justly, show mercy, and walk humbly before Him
  • I always rejoice when Christianity becomes more than a "learned" book of quotes... into a lifestlye of Godly Living!

    I just wanted to reply. I have learned that the whole world is like a school and all of it is in Christ's and hence God's cornecopia of resources, to apply for the betterment of Life and its willing participants.

    I just wanted to add.. that I am grateful everyday for God's and christ's handiwork. Oh, by the way, Dr. Henry Cloud, some books have a co-author, Townsend, has some great books out combining Christianity, psychology and recovery strategies. Check them out on if you are interested. Take care.


    Minister PK
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