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I’m frustrated

Charisma Fraud Alert: Important notice for our readers

It has come to our attention that several subscription dealers are soliciting subscriptions and renewals to Charisma without our knowledge or approval. Pretending to represent Charisma, they are calling and/or mailing people to solicit unauthorized subscriptions and renewals and requesting payment; and they are promising—among other things—a $300 gasoline credit or gift card with each order. This is not an offer that Charisma is promoting or endorsing.


* Our invoice and renewal notices have our logo prominently printed on the offer

* Checks are always made payable to Charisma

* All mailed payments go to our processing center in Palm Coast, FL

* We do have contracts with legitimate subscription agencies to sell our magazines. If you are not sure about who has contacted you, get their information and contact us directly.


* We do use an outside telemarketing firm to conduct business with our current and/or former subscribers. If you are not sure about who has contacted you, get their information and contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact our in-house customer service directly:
1-800-749-6500 ext. 2410 between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm EST.
  • I’m behind the 8-ball
    12 February 2013, 10:14 AM
    Dear People;
    I have NOT been contacted, again, since the initial Subscriptions (3).
    I am a Retired Person, on a Fixed Income. My Bank called me this morning to allert me that my Checking Account was Over-Drawn, but, they would Waive the Fee for TODAY. My Budget was ALL calculated for the Month; I had less than $1.00 in the account. (I had around $30.00- in my Over-Draft Insurance.) The Bank told me that the Unexpected, Guilty charge was made by "Charisma" magazine, of all things! This mag, + the other 2, have been Enjoyable & Useful, yet, I cannot renew them under These circumstances!! I do NOT recall {in my 63+ year old brain} that I intentionally Gave my informed permission to Renew these 3 subscriptions, without my Current Approval; a circumstance I avoid allowing, due to my Finacial circumstances & memory. Only I know when & how much I'd have in the Bank to work with, which is the reason for this Personal Policy. As it turns out, I, also, have only about $7.00 in Cash, with no other source of Income, which Isn't due for another 8 Days! I believe the charge was stated as being around $40.00+, eating-up my Over-Draft Insurance & leaving a Negative Balance of $16.00+. I Don't know if That's Only for "Charisma" magazine, or, All 3 Mags, but, Either Way, No renewel for Any of them is to be Approved UNLESS I do it myself, AFTER the time of this Writing; &, This Charge Must be Reversed, A.S.A.P.! Thank You for Your Attention to this matter; &, am Sorry to have this happen when a Christian Publisher is involved. It is Not a Good Testimony. I look forward to Your Quick Responce.
    Faithfully, Ray (Raymond T. Ballinger; 4542 N St. Louis AV, Apt. 1-B, Chicago, IL 60625;, Christian-at-large <><
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  • I’m frustrated
    This is helpful. I am still angry.
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