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Charisma removes Black Conservatives comments

Why were many of my comments in the thread

removed? There was nothing wrong with any of them, I am a Black Conservative whose commentary was professional. Is it because I am black?
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  • Drew (Official Rep) November 04, 2013 20:04
    Hi Mike,

    When we delete comments from the site we often delete most/all the replies to that comment. We mainly do this when the replies are only relevant when the original comment is visible. For example, if someone make a comment "you're a jerk" and someone else replies "no I'm not", then it makes sense to delete both comments, not just the first one.

    I'm explaining that because every deleted comment of yours that I looked at (and I looked at most of them) was deleted was because the comment you were replying to was deleted. It had nothing to do with the content of your comments (or the color of your skin for that matter), it was simply because you were replying to comments that were then deleted.
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