Dad dies of cancer after being healed by todd bentley

I don't know why i'm writing. My dad Pastor Larry Reed was taken to the lakeland todd bentley revival and stood up and said he was healed. Well he came home and died that week. It's crazy all the comments from people and the lies from my own family and lies from the people at his church. I had board members demand I make a public apology for his lies while in florida saying he was healed the cancer had taken his mind he didn't even know he was in flordida. His church was the worst church he ever pastored I grew up there and all the so called christians there are evil and made up so many lies and hurt my family so bad that I want to write a book about it. That church was horrible people would be horrified if they heard the things that went on in that church. I was with my dad when he died half the church sided with my older sister saying he died because my mom and brother and 2 other sisters didn't have enough faith. Others said he was full of sin and was punished. HIs funeral was horrible I had people say the worst things to me people who have been christians for 20-30 years. It's sad that some of my best friends are not christians and have better morals and work harder and treat people nicer. The christians from the church were the most judgemental and rotten people I have ever met. I had a board member put me in a headlock at my dads funeral and said god told him I was on meth and cocaine never done either and he demanded I stood up at the funeral and proclaim my sin and he said my oldest sister had told him how evil my family is I haven't talked to my sister in almost 4 years. I guess it would be nice to see and article about how sometimes church people are sadly turning people away from christ with there actions. I have tried several churches and moved to colorado from washington and seem to run into more church people who gossip and lie. I'm so turned off my father was the best man of God I ever knew. I don't go to church now and I know I should. THe things that have been done and said about my father and mother and family when we all have given everything to the ministry and are treated like the devil. I guess thats a reason I want to write a book and just share my child hood in a assemblies of god church where I met the most evil people that I have ever met. THanks for letting me Vent

Seth Reed
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