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I’m confused

disappointed that you allow sevenday adventist to advertise in your magazine

Hi there , as a ex- seven day adventist - your magazine has had many a possitive mark on mine and that of my family, i was shock to see that in your latest issue- you have allowed the Seven day adventist church to advertise via the amazing facts , i was brought into their cult, via the amazing facts conventions they had only to be tod that unless as a christian i obeyed the law of the sabbath i could not inherrit salvation, your magazine help show me the truth on the Law..yet you go and allow then to use your magazine to teach error, im sure your are not aware as you would have done your homework on this organization and there which they follow,- the teahings of EG.White over the bible just as the Jehovah wittness use the watch tower, or the Mormins use the Book of Mormon- as true chritians our sole authority is the bible .

many thanks
Paul- God bless and keep you all
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