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I’m burdened and desperate

Does your magazine sponsor college students?

Hello. My name is Brianna Jackson and I am 17 and will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. I grew up in Ypsilanti, MI in a Christian home and it has been my dream to attend UofM. I mainted straight A's at Ypsilanti High School and was an active member in my school, church, and community. I believe God has led me to attend UofM this fall and I am trying to follow in what His will is for my life.
However, I have been facing many financial obstacles on my path to UofM. My parents are paying about $6000 more than what financial aid is covering and it's money we don't have. My dad is on medical leave and my mom has made many personal sacrificies to provide for my first year, but after that I'm on my own. If I go to UofM with the state our finances are in now, my little brother will not have any monetary support for him when he goes off to school and I cannot be the reason for that. I don't want to be a burden to my family because I got into a magnificent school, but I've worked so hard to get here. Instead of being rewarded for my efforts, I feel punished by guilt at the strain it's causing my parents. I love my family more than my own life and watching them struggle because of me has been the biggest burden to carry. I've struggled mentally and spiritually for the past few months, but in private so as not to give them something more to worry about.
So, my question for you is whether you sponsor college students or know of a trusted organization that does. My mom and sister are subscribed to your magazine, so I knew that if I asked you for help, I wouldn't have to worry about negative consequences. Thank you for your time to read this and I hope to hear from you.
Brianna L. Jackson
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