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Done reading Charisma...

To Charisma,

I am close to done with your web site. Not because I don't like it but because you write good articles, especially on topics of revival and the Holy Spirit.

Here is the problem that I have with Charisma... all the other Christians who comment on your articles who say nasty and condemning things about topics like the Toronto blessing. When I read the articles I find that its very hard to not go down to read reader's comments. Charisma has a following of people who consistently condemn things like the Toronto blessing and they paint such a negative picture that it is REALLY discouraging.

I know that I can have the discipline to just not read the articles but what about all the other people who do? I know now that if I read one of those articles there will be those who are spreading their poison. Just that thought now is discouraging.

I also find that if I respond then I end up being just a biting. So, Charisma is not working for me. If Charisma develops an approach that slows down these kinds of comments then maybe I'll come back. One idea: do not allow anonymous posters Like you do on the news articles.
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  • Dear Steve,

    Thanks for your comment.  We try to monitor comments and remove those which are especially critical or derogatory while still allowing people to express their opinions. 

    We cannot prevent people from using fake names since posters are allowed to sign on through their Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts, and we have no control over those sites.


    IT Administrative Assistant.
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