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Filming the Spirit Article

To: Taylor Berglund
re: "Filming The Spirit" pg.38 | Nov 2015

Dear Taylor,

First, my compliments on your "Filming The Spirit" article, which appears in this month's Charisma. It is peculiar, but never accidental, when I am drawn to stop on my initial thumb-through a new magazine, to read an article in its entirety. Yours was no exception.

It wasn't until I got to the end, in "The Future of Faith Films" section of the article that I realized the one thing that the Spirit probably intended to draw my attention to... "Wilson's next as-yet-untitled project will tackle the issue of homosexuality."

I will come to the point, then. Would you be willing to put me in contact with Darren Wilson?

I do not know what role I am supposed to play in this next project of his, but I know I am being drawn to reach out to him about this.

I published a book several years back, largly surrounding my own testimony concerning this very topic. Since that endeavor, I have been quietly waiting on God's leading as to what comes next. I've been interviewed by Pure Passion TV and have been featured in a couple of their videos, and have also had a couple of radio interviews. But I hope to continue to make an impact wherever and whenever the Spirit may lead.

In that waiting, there have been ups and downs; both encouragement and discouragement. But, admittedly, nothing compares to the discouragement I have faced just this year with the Supreme Court's vile attempt to greatly overstep their authority and destroy the true definition of marriage.

This is not an attempt to promote the book, or myself. I've always allowed the Spirit to do that, and I've given away far more copies than have sold at this point. But I am passionate about this topic, and I want my life to make a difference in a dark, broken and dying world with regard to this issue, and Christ's ability to heal the soul from such a place (1st Corinthians 6:9-11).

I'd like to send you two copies of the book, if I may, and hope that you'd forward one on to Darren Wilson as well.

God's blessing upon all you do for him!

Dean Bailey
"Beyond the Shades of Gray" 2011 WestBow Press
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  • Hi Dean,

    I'm glad you really enjoyed the article. I've sent your message over to Darren Wilson. He's a very busy guy, and I have no idea whether he's already started working on that project yet, but if he wants to reach you, he has your phone number now. As far as books go, no need to send them to me. I don't have Darren's address, so I wouldn't be able to forward it to him, and I have a shelf already overflowing with books here at the office. Thank you for the offer, though. Hopefully Darren gets in touch with you, and thank you again for kind words.

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