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for every mom

It’s my pleasure to announce a launch of an English translation of a booklet on Kindle. It is already in to 14th Edition in Indian language Marathi.
Details of the booklet:
“My Beloved Darling:” –Written in a style – as if a mom is talking to her darling daughter!
Part 1 – Mom is explaining to her daughter about oncoming menarche.
Part 2 – Mom is explaining to her daughter about conception- related issues after the daughter settles in her menses.
About the author: Dr Arun Gadre, MD Gynecology is an established and award winning author/ novelist in Indian language Marathi with 14 published books published by reputed companies. He has spent twenty years of his prime life career in serving draught-prone rural population in Maharashtra, India. Now he is working in HIV field.
Uniqueness: “My Beloved Darling” is a unique product. When a ten year old tender, anxious and eager girl wants to know about her oncoming menarche, the teachers and the scientific material cannot replace the mom who is talking with her darling, taking her in laps. This booklet marvels in this aspect.

Second half of the booklet deals with the issue of teenage sex. For example, one paragraph in the second half is as below:
‘Most importantly sex for pleasure can never really satisfy any one. After using another person's body for our own pleasure or after having let others do the same, there is always emptiness. Sex is never meant as a weapon to grab happiness. Sex is meant as a bond between a man and a woman for a long lasting relationship. Marriage is meant for that my honey! Marriage is that mystical bond which defies words.’
Detailed description is on web site.
Link for purchase US site:
Link for purchase UK site:
Link for purchase France site:
If you have no kindle and want to download on your computer/ Laptop; please download free application to your computer. It will convert the kindle file in to readable e-book.
The link is -
Price: 5 dollars.
Appeal: Every sister in Christ wants to advise her 13-14 years daughter the ‘chastity’. See the cultural impact! When I searched the word ‘chastity’ on Windows XP thesaurus, the result was blank! BLANK!
This is how in this age of post-modernism and relativism we all are under influence of a politically correct world. We are in difficult age. But we have to try our best to offset the influence of this corrupting world on our beloved darlings. We can.
William Carey was the pioneer missionary in India in 1790s. He single handedly changed India in to modern India. William Carey’s favorite quote was – “Attempt Great Things for God, Expect Great things from God”. Shall we not all attempt similarly a great thing for God? This booklet is one of the tools for us.
I have a dream that this booklet is used by girls all across the globe irrespective of her country, language and culture. I dream of her becoming truly independent, mature and healthy individual, totally in control of her own body, mind and spirit. Free from pressure and fears! Free from unwanted pregnancies, STI and of course HIV!
Join in my dream. Will you? Thanks and regards,
Dr Arun Gadre.
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