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Gay Acceptance in the Church

The beautiful and talented, Debby Boone and her husband (Gabriel Ferrer) are supportative of gay marriage. Garbriel is ordained with the Episcopal Church and performs same sex marriage. Just google in the marriage of singer Michael Finestein where Rev. Ferrer and Judge Judy jointly perform the ceremony.

I've always appreciated Debby's muscial talent but find this disappointing.

I was curious as to whether or not Charisma would do a segment about the growing acceptance of homosexual unions within the body of Christ and how to sensitively deal with this issue.

The gays are a group of people who need Jesus like any other group. how to reach them, love them, without compromise.

also, people such as Debby who has sided in with the gray rights movement.

I think exposure is necessary for repentance to take place and healing to begin.

God bless you.
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