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Givelify is a mobile donation app that can be used from Smartphones. This will by no means take over traditional forms of donors’ options, only give them another one. The process is simply really. The link here will sign you up for access to your free customized app. This is free. The app, once opened on a person’s Smartphone, searches for all churches near them and also auto-detects when they are inside their church. When they have chosen a church, all they have to do is choose an amount to give, tap the amount, and then tap "give". Your parishioners can give to your church anytime; even without being there (they could even be out of the country). The best part is your church, will be able to put up a profile on our website (free) and customize it to their liking with photos or even make a list of different causes they are involved in. What’s great about that is their parishioners can choose which cause to give to. Both churches and parishioners can track their lifetime donations and info down to the penny. How the church customizes their profile will show on the app side (parishioners’ phones). Any church can literally make Givelify their very own, free church app! I hope this all made sense. This is only a fraction of this app’s features. We have also found a way to deposit your funds into the church’s bank account the next day! It's hard to understand a bit because no one has done this before. Let me know if you have any more questions. We have already gained two major assemblies as users of our app which amounts to almost 20 million parishioners possibly using our app. We also just recently had another interview with 93.1 WIBC, Indianapolis and we have been reviewed by several online sites already but many (not all) just do a copy and paste of our Google Play snippets; which we are grateful for but we are hoping to gain more in depth reviews. We thought your site is great and would be a great outlet for this. Version 2 will be for non-profits and the like! No contracts, no set up fees, no monthly fees, no software or programming needed. Join the revolution and be a Givelifite! Tap.Donate.Done.
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