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Go into the world a become fishers of men by reaching them through the internet. If we can explain to people God's plan for them, even through advertising a concept like weight less-God's way we will be able to see the truth as they read through the articless. many people are in hopeless situations, with regards to their health and other personal issues and we as born again believers can really make a difference

I am a Christian and have tried DR Don Colbert's "The Bible Cure for Weight Loss&Muscle Gain. I have found this Book encouraging and extremely helpful to understand the Diets and God's plan for people who are over weight.

I am A Affiliate marketer for Weigh less and if possible, i request permission to use some of the articles, diets and of course prayers in my marketing pitch. I think that we can also reach a lot of unsaved people through this material.

Is it possible and how do i get the necessary permission to do that?

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