Gold Readers Club markets your product unethically.

My parents who are 85 and 87 years old were called by Gold Readers Club to renew their subscription to your magazine. They did so for 3 years. While I have no problem with this one subscription, I find that during the last month, they were contacted by 5 different companies and spent slightly over $650 on magazine subscriptions between April 15 and May 15. All companies other than Gold Readers Club agreed to put my parents on a no-call list. Gold Readers Club states that they will not remove my parents' names/number on the list and that the national registry will do no good since they already have an existing client relationship with the magazines in question. Since they subscribe to your magazine you have the right to contract with others to contact them. I consider this to be highly unethical. My parents were being taken advantage of by these companies. Gold Readers Club is the only company I've contacted so far (I haven't reached one other yet) that has not cooperated.

I would hope that Charisma Media, as an ethical Christian company, would choose not to do business with a marketing business that behaves in this manner.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this situation.

Susie Bliss
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