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GPS Global Prayer Session

Good day to you,
My name is George A. Yesthal This is an idea that I am trying to promote. I wonder if you would take a few moments to review this and if you find it worthwhile, that you consider printing it in your worthy publication. I can be reached at Thank you for your consideration and God bless.

G.P.S. (Global Prayer Session)
George A. Yesthal
I like to pray on a regular basis and today I realized that I’ve been remiss for a while, the last time being a few weeks ago when I prayed for a friend’s wife who was having open heart surgery. She aced it by the way.
I believe in God. I don’t always pray to God or supplicate but I always invite him/her in. Mostly I pray for my own benefit and most would agree that it would more accurately be called introspective meditation. I prefer “Prayer” because I always do it in my native language. That is to say that I always have a subject; something to say.
Now the interesting thing is, I always get answers to my prayers in some form, but it’s up to me to be open as to what those answers are. Frankly, if I ask for something I almost invariably get it. But asking for things is not what is usually going on when I pray. More often, I guess you could say I am just “checking in” with my maker; charging my soul’s battery so to speak. Another interesting thing to note is that in the few weeks that I have been negligent, I have been feeling absolutely horrible physically. I prayed this morning and instantly began feeling better.
This is the power of prayer on a singular and personal basis. Could you imagine if we could get most or all of the world’s population to coordinate that power? Of course we will never get ALL of the world’s population, but 90 some per cent of that population believe in some form of deity.
That is why I’m proposing the concept of a Global Prayer Day. That day would have a designated ten minute Global Prayer Session in which as many as of the global population as possible would unite in their own personal prayer. It gives me chills to think of the positive energy that would be generated by such an endeavor. I think it would make the HAARP system look like a flashlight battery.
I think that with the mounting global and international tensions mounting exponentially day to day and the impending 2012 scenario encroaching, this idea is, at the very least, a worthwhile endeavor.
Now, the problem is that I am in no way any kind of promoter, so I am going to post this idea and work with it as best I can. I am asking that any and all interested parties do the same in the hopes that it will find its way to promotion companies, advertising firms, movie producers, radio and TV producers and personalities...whatever.
I give my express permission for any and all interested parties to use, print, advertise and download this article to promote in any and all ways they see fit.
This will take place on 6/19/11, Father’s day. What better way to honor Our Father? The ten minute prayer will be at 8:00pm EST.
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