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I’m happy

I want to write for you!

My name is Bishop George Bloomer. I authored two books with your company Charisma- entitled The Little Boy in me and Throw off What Holds You Back. I would like to write for Charisma or one of your magazines. I've been writing for Glow magazine, and Jet since 2007. I have a number of articles about 450 to 500 words on a host of topics entitled "Thumbs Gone Wild", "Cheaters Never Win or Do They?", "Will Gays go to Heaven?", "The Battle for Ground Zero" , and many many others. I am not seeking money but I have a lot to say. I can be reached at I look forward to hearing from you. I was asked, some years ago by Steven Strang to do this, but I wasn't ready. I am ready now!
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