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ID/Email issue

I try to sign in, it's says bad id or password. I try to get my id and it says it's sending to my email but it never arrives. same with newsletters. my email is correct as typed and the emails are not ending up in any spam folder. Any ideas?
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  • Dear Dave,

    Thanks for notifying us of the problem. Your account on our website had not been activated. I have activated it, so you can now logon with your username and password. Remember that passwords are case sensitive.

    Some of your newsletter subscriptions had not been confirmed. I have confirmed them, so they will begin arriving.

    Other newsletters had bounced, meaning we sent them but they could not be delivered. This might be because of a spam filter, or because your mailbox was full at the time, or we might not have been on your list of acceptable email addresses. Whatever the case, I have activated all newsletter subscriptions, so those will begin arriving as well.


    IT Administrative Assistant
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