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I’m happy

If you're speaking of my title I am in Leadership in Making Jesus Real Church

In my opinion there are people in all churches who's motives aren't always good and we have to be very discerning in our dealings with even those who profess to be Christ's. As a result of Pastors not being able to really scrutinize all people who in different ways can have access to him and his pulpit (which is like him speaking) it appears that he is in agreement with everything that is coming from the pulpit. Which in a lot of cases just is not true. It is such a shame for such a True Man of God to in directly get caught up in something that is in no way associated with his ministry except he beleives that they are legitimate in his heart.
Ultimately it is the enemy behind this, so let's not take our eyes off the Kingdom picture.
Thank you for allowing me to give my opinion.

Vern Perkins
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