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In May 2011 the Church of God Northwest Hispanic Region will be holding its annual youth camp. During this time we meet with about 150 youth and worship together. As part of our camp we often receive promotional material from companies, such as you, who offer material that can be distributed to the youth. We would like to extend an invitation for you to take part in out camp by donating some of your material. This would be of great benefit for all those who attend.

Thank you,

Lydia Arguelles
Hospitality Director
985 W. 700 N.
Clearfield, UT 84015
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    Dear Lydia,
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    Thanks for the heads up about the Youth Camp in May 2011. I would say, yes, let's partner. The only thing I'm concerned about would be the issues that you would be wanting. In Oct, usually our issue is on Hell, the the Nov issue is usually on children and college, Dec is on special people and Jan would be on Spreading the Name of Jesus around the World. So, let's do this, every month up to March 2011 check with me for which issue you would be interested in and the youth would also be interested in.

    Here's my email address:

    God bless,
    Nettie Parks
    Customer Service Specialist
    Phone: 1-800-749-6500 ext. 2410 or 407-333-0600
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