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Is this a scam?

Today I recieved an invoice and an attatched letter thanking me for subscribing to your magazine. Never happened. Please produce the document or details of internet communication that led you to believe that I had any contact whatsoever with your magazine. I have not subscribed to Charisma in over 15 years and would like to know why you are billing me.
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    Dear Ms. Mahan:
    Thank you for using Get Satisfaction to correspond with Customer Service.

    In locating the subscription to Charisma Magazine, I see that we did receive a document to renew on June 27, 2011. I've requested a copy of the document that we received at our Data Center today. I should receive the document in 5-10 days and I will have the copy for you to see. Please contact me by July 25, 2011 either by phone or email: What we received was a 1 year renewal to come back to Charisma Magazine for $14.97. Please contact me by July 25, 2011.

    God Bless,
    Nettie Parks
    Customer Service Specialist
    Phone: 1-800-749-6500 ext. 2410
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