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Jam Band Fans of America

I am a former Grateful Dead fan (deadhead), moe. fan (moe.ron), and I attended many Jam Band shows/festivals. In all the shows and festivals I went went to I never once met a Christian or heard of any "Christian Jam Bands". That is one scene that has been severely neglected by "Christians". I am a blessed that I had a family that was praying for me the whole time I was involved in that scene. I just want to bring light to this scene and was wondering if you guys could share about the Jam Band music scene and that there is a serious calling for Jam Band style Prophetic Worship music. Jesus Loves hipsters too. My friend and I are on a mission to help the new era of Jam kids in America and we need help! God Bless You All at Charisma News and I pray that this movement blows up!
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