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I’m Confident

Jesus is the only way!

Your article, God Will Guard Your Promise in Dark Times, was sent to me by my prayer warrior group and I enjoyed reading it so much, I forwarded to about 150 friends. I wanted to tell you that some time back I read a rather strong prophecy and I don't remember that but the end of the email said, regardless of what heappens in the future, to keep your eyes on Jesus! He and He alone would and could fill your every need!
That's what I have done, kept my eyes on Jesus and not what's happening!
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  • 2002I I left USA to work at ITRI Research Institute at Taiwan ,
    Early Oct My mother pass away at San Diego , End of Oct , I did
    a running exercise , when I run , I saw my mother , She told me ,
    it is not the time for you to come here , go back , later on ,
    I was moved to major hospital , one night , I waked up , and
    knell down against the window , my wife ask me , what you doing
    , I told her l saw Jesus
    I create
    I used to be a stock broker long time ago
    my son work for FBI

    another son in New York
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