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Jim Bakker and You

I am a Charisma Magazine subscriber--LOVE IT!! Look forward to this every month and read every word!! Thank you so much! You all ROCK!! Haha. My issue is not a "problem" really, but I ordered a product from the Jim Bakker Show a LONG time ago (months), and one of the perks with that was 2 free subscriptions to Charisma Mag. Asked their customer service dept. about it, and they said to go to you. I apologize greatly for the delay; you know how it is--"Life" gets in the way of getting things done! So what is your solution for this? I thank you so much, and ask the Lord for BLESSINGS for each of you on staff (Mr.Strang, Jennifer LeClaire, all of you are SUCH a blessing to me!! And those who contribute as well! Thank you, Nadine Mortensen, Please just e-mail. I sleep a lot because of health issues so greatly prefer an e-mail. Notice the first two letters are r n. :)
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