Joel Osteen A TRUE MAN OF GOD (Jesus Came For Sinners And A Prosperous Lively Church )

I am Peter Robert Gassama, from the Gambia, born from a fanatical Muslim family and tribe, (Gassama & Jahankas) now a born again Christian. I love this faith that God had brought me into and I must confess that I love following you the seniors in the faith like many others.
Please my dear Fathers, Mothers and believers in Christ, I would ask that the Pope’s reconciliation of the church of Christ should teach other members of the body of Christ to stop fighting each other on a public platform. The world is watching and listening to you same guys preaching about the Kingdom of Peace, Love and Freedom. We can’t do or say the opposite. As far as I know from the scriptures is that whose so ever is not against HIM (JESUS) is for HIM. As long as they are propagating Christ let it be and God alone be the judge. In fact Jesus clearly said he came for sinners, as such He is their friend so as to win them. Paul in scriptures confirms the same; he is whatever the sinner is, just to win him. He is their friend not in their sinful life but just to show them worthy to their Creator. The revelation our learned man of God got in Lake wood church should make him respect Joel Osteen more, if he is able to interpret what the Holy Spirit was about to let him know. Learn from him and ask Joel how he was able to encourage all those sinners like myself to hear. It takes the grace of God. In fact I would say any Pastors who hate sinners called himself to the pulpit and not God. He is on his on service or ministry.

If Joel is able to gather up sinners, bring them to a gathering of God, then I would say he is representing Jesus’ unfinished job on earth. The only way to bring them to church is to associate himself with them. Jesus prayed for both the saved and unsaved before His death because He was looking unto men like Joel on a day, week, month, year, century or era like today to continue were He called it off. Please, please, please lets preach the gospel of salvation to new comers, if that’s where they felt called; others goes with signs and wonders as it pleases God, others on discerning of the Spirit, and men like Joel continue with the encouragement of the Saints, missing in action, discouraged, hungry and abandoned, by their own leaders or Pastors, whilst serving God,

Prosperity is another ministry and an important topic Jesus preached on to help expands the faith and propagation of the gospel. The church needs prosperous men and women to assist financing the work and help safe guard the integrity of believer’s, and not to show their nakedness before the unbelievers. Why did Jesus performed the miracle of the gold coin from the mouth of the fish? What of the women of Zarephath? Can the gospel be preached in this modern day of technology without money? Please Pastor Joel preach to the people whatever you felt led by the Spirit to preach. Obey God and do what you do best. Before anything daily I must open my facebook page and learn from you daily and many other Men of God. There is where am inspired and blessed daily, by the word of God through you. Many are looking up to God from you. You can obey Him or listen to those throwing stones at you. No servant is greater than his master, so if It happen to Jesus brace up for yours. Bravo and God bless you all true and faithful servants of the Living God who endured insults and names etc whislt in the line of duty for the Commander In Chief, yours is the Kingdom Of God.
There is so much to do in the church that we should concentrate on, than turning our barrels on each other and thinking we doing God a favor. Please if we think the Devil is defeated then we should be rejoicing and encouraging each other, than fighting among ourselves. I would ask us all as believers to continue in the love we all profess to have received from God and the mission of Jesus on earth a success. We have a lot to do so let’s concentrate.
Peter Robert Gassama.
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