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I’m sad


Do more real journalism. Do the research, and stop doing the puff pieces.

Yeah, I mean, check out the facts. When some of these Charismatic folks make wild claims, stop and ask, "Is this really true?" Check the facts. Verify. Don't just repeat the PR and claims these folks make about themselves.

And, adding just one sentence in an article from the "other side" hardly creates an objective piece.

Do some real articles on these guys who are fleecing the flock. Just alluding to these problems in editorials is not enough.

Take a long hard look at the Pent-Charismatic movement. Has it really become nothing more than a get-rich scheme? And, is it just about which ever person can come up with the newest and biggest wild claims, such as heavenly visitations, and raising people from the dead?

Quit doing the simple little teaching articles. Start doing some real reseach on all the new teachings that are being used to make $$$. Much of the current Charismatic teaching seems to be a make-it-up-as-you-go, more new age, than Bible. Put some of these teaching to a theological test.

Charisma Mag has a chance to help clean up the current Charismatic mess. But, it won't happen if you keep doing the promo pieces, simple teachings, and only addressing the real problems in the editorial section.

Do some evaluation on what these charismatic ministries and teachings are accomplishing. Are people really being healed? Are people really being saved? Really? How many? When? Where? And if not, tell us that also.

Let's measure what is being accomplished, compared to the $$$ being garnered by some of these leaders.

And, if we say, well there are a few bad apples, let's call them out. Or, do these bad apples represent the actual movement as it exists today?

When preachers claim heavenly visitations, revelations from angels, miracles, healings, check it out. Angel feathers? Really? Don't just report it. Investigate. Get a feather. Test it. Gold dust? Really? Do you have some? Have you tested it? Or are you just reporting another story?

Do journalism. Do research.

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