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Louisville KY Gathering

We are exploring the idea of a bookstore in our church. Can we come to the Louisville gathering next spring? How do we get details?
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    Hi Barb -
    The Gathering 2010 is April 21 - 23th, 2010 and will be held at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.
    Information about the event will be placed on our Web Site by November 1, 2009.
    We will be offering a Full day class on April 20th to help churches who are starting a store - so they can go into the project with as much information as possible.
    If you could e-mail me your e-mail address - I will invite Geni Hulsey to contact you. Geni is the President of The Church Bookstore Network.
    She can also help you register as of November 1st when we open the registratrion
    My e-mail address is
    Thank you.
    Dave Condiff, Publisher, Christian Retailing & The Church Bookstore
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