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major typo in 2006 book

I just finished reading 23 MINUTES IN HELL and on page 13 of the intro it says ' on Sunday November 22,1998....' and goes on to tell the story and yet the first copyright is dated 1979.... 19 years before the event happened...I just thought I'd let you know about this typo - so you can get it corrected in future editions. The book I read was from 2006 printing...
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  • Dear Ms Gibson, Thank you for reading 23 Minutes in Hell. We hope it was a blessing to you. We've checked the information you provided, and hope that this response will help clarify the copyright dates.
    This book, 23 Minutes in Hell, was copyrighted in 2006. The copyright date of 1979 referred to is the first copyright year for the New King James Version of the Bible, not to the book itself. Most publishers will run the copyright notices for any version of the Bible that is quoted in a book.
    Charisma House
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