Maxim Maximov, head of CNL Christian satellite TV network and also bishop over 60 churches in Kazakhstan, CANNOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

I am Bishop of New Life Churches of Kazakhstan. My name is Maxim Maximov a member of the NRB and founder of Christian Russian TV channel CNL. Today I tried to fly to the U.S. to participate in the NRB. But authorities dont let me to get to USA.
This is persecution.

Pastor Maxim Maximov and his wife Larissa were detained, taken off their plane at the airport by Kazakhstan border patrol and PROHIBITED FROM LEAVING THE COUNTRY (they are citizens of Kazakhstan). This is what they are saying: "Friends, we have a prayer request! We have lost our plane tickets, because after keeping us detained in the border patrol office for over half and hour, without giving any explanation, without making any official report, we were told that any explanation would be given in the national version of KGB. Friends, we are being limited in our freedom of movement. It is 5 am here as we are writing this. It is a weird feeling, all of my plans are being changed. We feel disoriented. (My wife Larisa had a troubled feeling when praying prior to these events) Please, share this with everyone!

Maxim Maximov

ps Mark Patterson - CNL representative in the United States can give you more details. His cell +12539708261
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