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I’m Devastated

Medical Kidnapping in San Bernardino, CA : 1 Day Old Newborn Infant Seized at Hospital From Mother

Medical Kidnapping in San Bernardino, CA : 1 Day Old Newborn Infant Seized at Hospital From Mother

I was preparing this for thee final draft of My Story but since this time i believe is dire , well here it goes anyways... Please pardon me as it may seem sorta a long read, as it might be, it's a must in order to Understand the events that have occurred following afterwards and into this present time...

My Newborn was Unlawfully Seized on 07.12.2018 by and assistance of The Security Guards on duty @t * Dignity Health — St. Bernardine Medical Center involving those individuals of County & Government Profession's and all of which whom ENGAGED IN SUCH An ILLEGAL ACT OF CRIME AND DEFINITE MAJOR VIOLATION OF THE MEDICAL STAFF ON THEIR BEHALF MOST DEFINITELY AS MY RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED AND MY PRIVACY WAS DISREGARDED MOST CERTAINLY AS THEIR MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CONTRIBUTED TO MY NEWBORN'S MEDICAL KIDNAP AS THEY CO CONSPIRED IN CAHOOTS AMONGST THOSE EMPLOYEES OF The S.B. Hospital, 1 Law Enforcement Officer of the San Bernardino Police Department & 1 Social Worker of San Bernardino County Children's Family Services CFS/CPS sw* #MedicalKidnap

The following is based upon My own account and personal experience as to what has recently occurred to Me Merely 24 hours After Labor and Delivery, Mommy and baby were finally CLEARED FOR DISCHARGE & just finished thee Mandatory 'Discharge Exam' which both Mom and baby were ALREADY IN THE PROCESS OF BEING DISCHARGED FROM THE HOSPITAL until Thee Medical Staff at the last minute unlawfully stalled and interrupted Me while keeping a portion of a report was privileged does not give the hospital the right to build a defense inconsistent with known but non-disclosed facts.

Moments following shortly after while I was still unaware of (educated guess most likely) such individual's
REPORT MADE TO BOTH San Bernardino County's Children's Family Services San Bernardino Police Department which exists an Police Report on file regarding that incident from that late night/early morning as well SBPD Law Enforcement Officer used Threatening tactics such as a direct result of his Officious actions in accordance with the terms regarding My Freedom of Movement permitted by the fundamental principles of the United States of America relating to the protection of (MY) human rights and fundamental freedoms. Now there shall be consequences for Restriction of My Freedom of Movement while My infant child was in my sole physical custody and prevented me from moving freely from one area in a steps length to demanding I put My newborn baby down or else he'd arrest me for “Child Endangerment” and made an direct threat that I wasn't going anywhere. As whereas his actions of misconduct and violated my Rights without proper notice nor consent to perform such authority of Jurisdiction as mentioned below ;
There is a converse duty for a private person not to impede the free movement of another. Where a person prevents another from freely leaving an area, either by physically imprisoning them or by threats, that person may be subject to a lawsuit for false imprisonment, and to criminal charges for kidnapping.

I called the Operator by dialing 0 on my telephone in my hospital room and We simply asked if it was Okay to go home and the Operator lady as you can hear her voice told me right before you see what is being recorded that we were allowed to leave just as long as we were to alert the charge nurse assigned to Me and baby and just needed to have our final Vitals checked and documented as the last and final requirement for proper Discharge as well as lastly having my son's security band removed from his foot which all was completed and CLEARED FOR DISCHARGE right up until the nurse was finished taking our vital stats she told us she had to attend to another patient momentarily but would quickly return to take it off and would be on our way to leave the hospital #HomeBoundMommyAndBaby
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