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Minister Needs Housing with Believers in So. Calif.

High, and God Bless!

I need to find a Christain, Good Samaritan, for housing (ideally rent a room) in Southern California. Here's why.

I am actively working with Christ and others, on Spiritual "Warfare" in Heaven - Yes. Revelations, and want to live with Believers during these times, instead of relative. non-believers.

This is just a preliminary request - but is an urgent matter. I have had to lose my life in order to gain it. Augering the Kingdom of God on Earth is a very difficult and time-consuming task - I am becoming weary from the fight and need assistance.

Please advise me.... as to how I could rent from a more supportive environment. I can afford rent, etc, and am willing to teach and share what I have learned - priceless!

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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