Modern Church Music

To the Editor....Having been a church musician for many years (almost 60), I continue to be disturbed with how worship leaders and even pastors seem to stonewall anyone who suggests that praise and worship sound managers play it so loud you often can't hear yourself, let alone a neighbor, singing in church. Often the words are drowned out by the beating of drums and other instruments. I carefully read all the articles, and no one mentioned that some churches even offer ear plugs. 90 to 115 decibels is far too common and has caused many friends to walk out. God is not hard of hearing. Why don't we let the volume swell from within our hearts, rather them be smothered externally. There is nothing sweeter than praise and worship from the heart, and nothing more offensive than their trying to jam it down my throat, so to speak. Dick Schnitker, Frisco, TX.
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